Time to get ahead with a digital identity

In the current scenario of digitalisation and information age, we have passed behind everything. Moving ahead with the best of attires, vehicles, and smartphones, we have revolutionized our physical identity to a remarkable level but we have missed something along the journey. What is that? Our digital identity. It’s true that we are equipped digitally but we have forgot the essence of identity and its true utilisation which is essential to develop a sophisticated nation, free of fake posts and news. When it comes to digital, we are sharing copies images from google and not protecting our images, which is somehow exposing us to fake news and scenarios.

Mark your posts Genuinely

We have observed situation and its widespread effects profoundly & found the solution which is now in front of you as Mark Genuinely.

Mark Genuinely is a use-as-you-go app, that every single person needs. Whether you are a kid, a house-wife, a freelancer, a college going student or a professional, you can use mark genuinely just with some quick clicks on your smartphone. If your image doesn’t have your name icon or watermark, they are not yours. Claim your posts with your icon before sharing them elsewhere. Be a responsible citizen and add credibility in all your posts.

The Perfect Application for Making You Digitally Smart, Responsible, & Structured

Mark genuinely clears all hurdle in one go. You can add your logo over your images, create TEXT posts with different COLOR backgrounds & your LOGO on it, and save the same in different dimensions. Act like a pro, add content, images, and logo all in one image and share as you like. Add your logo just for once and access it anytime you wish to. Add value to your content via adding your logo to your content and images. → Nurture an inspiring photo feed with your icons & make your online presence unique & different!

At the same time, like and share and comments on only those posts which have a icon with them. Use your digital power thoughtfully.

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